MiniBuilder used by Wonderfl

I am happy to see that MiniBuilder is now used by a well-known online platform for developing ActionScript: Wonderfl

MiniBuilder is GPL licensed, so feel free to use it in your own open-source project. Don’t forget to add a link back, so MiniBuilder can also evolve.

The days where you had to install heavy IDE to write just a few lines of ActionScript are over. MiniBuilder works on Linux and Windows and its main features are:

  • Code completion for your classes, default libraries and your swc libraries
  • Project tree, multi-tabs editor
  • Fast(!) text editor (written from scratch – it only renders the visible part of the text), it can handle up to 1000 lines in a class without becoming unresponsive.
  • Integration with compiler errors. One click goto-error file and line.
  • Many other features.

MiniBuilder on (a customized stripped-down version of MiniBuilder)


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4 Responses to “MiniBuilder used by Wonderfl”

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  2. I heard about Wonderfl, find very interesting, but never really used it (only once tested).
    I think it’s a success that Wonderfl uses Minibuilder.

    Step by step…
    I can imagine that when FlashDevelop reached early alpha (in the AS2’s times) many developers said that the tool (FD) is useless :) .

  3. Awesome, congrats Victor!

  4. Is it gravatar already on comments? All the best